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Welcome to Annovka!

Welcome to Annovka!
   First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Lida. I am fourteen years old. I am at 7-th grade. I am doing quite well at school. My mother is proud of my marks. Now I want to tell you about my home place. But  at first I start the talk with my country.
   Some people think it doesn't matter much what country to live in. But I don't understand them. I don't want to live anywhere else but in Russia. I think that there's no place like home. Russian is our motherland, and Russian is place our mother to gue. I have known it since my childhood. I read Russian books, I know the Russian culture. I can easily understand people in the streets. I love Russian nature, and I'm proud of my country, of its riches, people and history.
   There are also many villages situated in the beautiful Russian countryside. There isn't much fun in the country — no cinemas, theatres or cafe's, but there is less pollution, the air is clear, and the sky is blue. You can leam a lot about Russian wildlife and farm animals. . I live in the countryside in a small house and I love it a lot!
   When I look out of my window I see my beautiful garden. The big old apple tree stands in the centre. Around the tree there are lots of wonderful flowers. There is life everywhere!
   I live in Annovka. People are known there as a hospitable people. According to old traditions, a guest should always be welcomed.
   Our people love holidays, any of which is celebrated with lots of food and presents, with real Russian hospitality. Any important moment in the life of a family is treated as a great holiday and is celebrated with relatives, friends and neighbours.
   We like the singing of chastushkas at many  Russian rural holidays and parties. They are still popular today.
   Sport is one of the most important components of the healthy way of life. To be healthy is very important. Only a healthy man can enjoy his life, work well and be happy. That is why almost every person of my village take part in sports.
The one rule of the healthy way of life is regular exercise. Many people from my village jog, walk or cycle in their free time. Physical exercises help them keep fit, have a good gait and figure.
   The protection of the environment is now the question of life or death in the Earth. Life on our planet needs special conditions such as temperature, the composition of the ground, air and water, the level of radiation and so on. If these conditions are broken, there will be no life in a few decades.
   It seems that to stop pollution is very difficult and all countries must work together to solve this problem. But there every one can help nature. We have an environmental programme at our school. This programme include lessons about ecological problems and how children can help the Earth. Annovka takes part in different projects, for example “The Green Capital”.
   I am happy to live in Annovka. I think that Annovka is one of the most interesting villages to live in. You can see almost any type of climate in our lands. The nature is beautiful no matter where you are and what season it is.

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