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План-конспект урока английского языка в 7 классе

План-конспект урока английского языка в 7 классе "What do you know about cinema"
Автор: Смирнова Ольга Валентиновна,учитель английского языка
Место работы: средняя школа-гимназия № 4, город Актау, Республика Казахстан

Описание материала: Предлагаю вам план-конспект урока английского языка в 7 классе по теме:" What do you know about cinema?". Данный материал будет особенно полезен учителям школ с более углубленным изучением английского языка или гимназий и лицеев. Он был разработан мною в рамках прохождения трехуровневых Кембриджских курсов и содержит новые подходы, повышающие эффективность урока английского языка.
- Повторить лексику по теме «Cinema»,
- Использовать слова и словосочетания в речи
- Тренировать в устной речи и составлении общих вопросов
- Практиковать в умении различать the Past Simple и the Past Continuous tenses
- Тренировать в групповой и парной работе
- Учить самоанализу и взаимному оцениванию
- Работать над кластером по теме
- Воспитывать положительное отношение к рефлексии в конце занятия
- Употреблять лексические единицы по теме в своей речи
- Использовать важную и полезную информацию из презентации
- Различать the Past Simple и the Past continuous tenses
- Уметь работать в группе и в паре
- Уметь провести самоанализ деятельности и деятельности учащихся в группе
План-конспект урока английского языка в 7 классе " What do you know about cinema"
The educational aims : - To repeat words about cinema
To practice in the using of lexicon and work with the text about cinema,
to train in different writing tasks after reading the text without translation
To train in oral speech оn this theme (ask and answer the questions)
To consolidate the knowledge of pupils of the Past Simple Past and the Past Continuous tenses;
The developing aims : to develop a memory, an attention, a speech; pupils’ language and grammar skills in the new communicative situations on the basis of interactive technologies.
The bringing- up aims: to educate a respect to English and the cultures of English-speaking countries, communication; to learn working in groups; to train in introspection.
Equipment: the presentations about the cinema; cards for different tasks, stickers, markers, papers of different sizes , grammar task, stickers with words for game, grading cards for marks, papers with trees for reflection.
I. Organization moment. (1 min)
Good morning, children. I am glad to see you.
What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? Who is absent today?
II. Warm up. ( 2 min)
Answer my questions, please.
What types of entertainments do you know ?
Answers of students: sport, walking with friends, drawing, watching movies, listening music etc.
What entertainments do you prefer?
Answers of students: prefer dancing, playing computer games, visiting of interesting places and so on.
III. Brainstorming. ( 5 min) Приложение1
Thank you for your answers.
The first task for today.-
You should divide these words into 2 groups and underline using d2 different colours. Then explain, what 2 categories these words belong to.
IV. Goal setting. ( 2 min)
OK. So our theme today is…
Answers of students.
Yes, it is a cinema.
What are we going to do at this lesson?
Answers of the students: will repeat words about this theme, will read the text and speak, answer the questions, watch presentation, work on the computer, do some tasks and grammar test and play a little may be..
V. Reading and writing (work with text). ( 14 min) Приложение 2
Look at the screen. Let’s read and watch presentation about this type of entertainment. (7-8 students read)
And now please, answer the questions. Every group should write down and then read 3 answers. Приложение 3
Next your task- you have 10 sentences, the same for every group. Please, read them and then say - is it right or wrong. Приложение 4
We will change your works and other group will check yours and you will do the same with yours.
Who is the winner?
VI. Listening and speaking.( 7 min)
Let’s play a little.
Artem, come here. I wrote a word on this sticker, something about cinema and you should ask your classmates about it. They can say –yes or no only.
And Nelly it is your turn and you will guess your word.
VII. Grammar. (6 min) Приложение 5
It is time for grammar.
You have a test in computer- choose what tense you should put on (The Past Continuous or the Past Simple).
Arina and Artem did it at home and will help you , then they’ll check your tests.
VIII. Analyzing and reflection. ( 8 min)
1) You have a big sheet, and now please, make a claster about the cinema. You can use all your ideas about our theme.
Who will represent your work?
Every group tell about their claster.
2) Please, make self-grading of the work on the lesson in the “Grading Card”.
Discuss the summary marks and put it into the Grading table.
3) Look at the blackboard. You can see two magic trees there.
Next to the first you can see- Lesson was interesting. I like it.
On the second- Lesson was boring. I wasted my time.
Take the stickers of two colours-pink and orange and put on the first or the second tree. So you will express your opinion about our lesson
4) Your home task – write down 10 questions about the text « Сinema » ( thin and thick)
5) Our lesson is over. Thank you very much. Well done. See later.
Приложение 1
to release a film to listen
to compose musician
screen cartoon
jazz concert
animator movie
sounds symphony
to shoot a film drum
to hear actor/actress
comedy to go into production
combinations of notes director
to act/to play hit
tragedy album
costume designer horror film
Приложение 2
The cinema is a great means of promoting culture among people. It educates, relaxes , entertains and helps people to understand each other better. The brothers Lumieres made their first 3 minutes film , which were demonstrated to the public on the 28 –th of December, 1895.Since then a new era has began -the era of cinematography. It rapidly spread all over the world and very soon turned into one of the most arts and entertainments. The 20-th century may be called the century of cinematography. The cinema’s possibilities are unlimited. There are different kinds of films: documentary, popular-science and feature films. A lot of children and grown-ups are fond of cartoons, because they are funny and amusing. Films can be black and white or in colour. Some people like to go to the cinemas. Others watch movies on TV, DVD or computer. Sometimes we prefer historical film or crime story, a comedy or a science fiction film, a horror film or thriller. We choose a film to watch according our mood, tastes or character. The films often touch upon the problems such as love and money, love and friendship, love and respect, love and faithfulness. The public take such films to heart because the problems they touch upon are interesting to everybody. They are popular with the public.
Приложение 3
1) What does the cinema do?

2) When did Lumiezes brothers demonstrate their three minutes film to the public?

3) Why do children and grown-ups like cartoons?

4) Who demonstrated the first film?

5) Can films be black and white only?

6)What century may be called the century of cinematography?

7) Where do we watch movies?

8)What types of films do you know?

9) Can people live without cinema?
Приложение 4
1)The reading is a great means of promoting culture among people.
2)The Lumieres brothers demonstrated their first three minutes film to the public on the 28-th of December,1895.
3)The 20-th century may be called the century of theatre.
4)The cinema’s possibilities are limited.
5)A lot of children and grow-ups are fond of cartoons.
6)Films can be black and white or in colour.
7)People nowadays prefer to watch movies at home only.
8)Many women and girls like to watch soap operas or serials.
9)The films touch upon such problems like drugs and alcohol only.
10) We choose a film to watch according to our mood, tastes and character.
Приложение 5
1) We ... in the park when the rain ... .
a)played, was beginning b)were playing, began
2) I ... this pair of jeans when I was in Sweden.
a) bought b) was buy c) was bought d) was buying
3) I ... (not understand) what she ... (talk) about. (Я не понимал, о чем она говорит.)
a) did't understand, talked b) didn't understand, was talking c) wasn't understanding, was taking
4) The film was so sad, that I ... the whole evening.
a) cried b) was cried c) was crying
5) I ... my purse while I ... .
a) lost, was shopping b) was losing, shopped
6)Father ... (cut) his face when he ... (shave - бриться).
a) cut, was shaving b) was cutting, shaved
7) Where ... he ... when I ... him in the street?
a) did he go, was meeting b) was he go, meeting c) was he going, met
8) The children ... (get lost - заблудиться) when they ... in the forest.
a) got lost, were walking b) were getting lost, walked
9)The children ... in the river when I ... them.
a) swam, was finding b) were swimming, found
10)When I ... the room, she ... the piano.
a) entered, was playing b) was entering, played

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