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Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке для старшеклассников, посвященное 450-летию со дня рождения Шекспира

Внеклассное мероприятие, посвященное 450-летию со дня рождения В.Шекспира
Описание работы: предлагаю вам конспект по английскому языку, посвященный к 450-летию со дня рождения великого английского драматурга В.Шекспира. Данный конспект будет полезен преподавателям иностранного языка для школ и колледжей. Этот конспект познавательного занятия, направлен на развитие интереса к жизни и творчеству английского актера, писателя и драмматурга В.Шекспира.
Конспект урока "В.Шекспир-великий человек Англии"
Образовательная цель: Расширение кругозора учащихся и повышение их интеллектуального уровня за счёт знакомства с классиком английской литературы Уильямом Шекспиром.
Воспитательная цель: воспитание высокой культуры у детей при изучении творчества великого драматурга.
Развивающие цели: Формирование у учащихся внутренней мотивации к изучению языка и культуры, развитие у детей внимания и восприятия, слуховой памяти, мышления и воображения, способностей к аналитической деятельности
Практическая цель: создать условия для формирования умения учащихся участвовать в обсуждении на основе полученных знаний по теме и организации монологических и диалогических выступлений; помочь учащимся обобщить знания о Шекспире и его творчестве.
1. Провести практику в речевой деятельности: монологической, диалогической речи, аудировании.
2. Познакомить учащихся с биографией В.Шекспира
3. Воспитывать уважение, к истории Великобритании.
4. Развивать межпредметную связь с дисциплиной "Экскурсионное дело"
Оснащение урока: портрет Шекспира, фильм Statford-upon-Avon (Land of Shakespeare), сонеты, презентация.
Ход урока
Т. Good.morning!
Pupils: Good morning!
Т. I am glad to see you.
Pupils: We are glad to see you too.
T. Sit down, please.
T. Today we shall speak about William Shakespeare and his works. We`11 see the film about Stratford - upon - Avon,discuss some of the -.quotations from Shakespeare and recite some sonnets.
Let`s remember what we know about Shakespeare.
What do you know about W. Shakespeare?
(Сообщения учащихся)
W. Shakespear` s biography.
T. When was Shakespeare born?
Pupils: W. Shakespeare was born on the 23d of April 1564
T. Where was he born?
Pupils: He has born in Stratford on Avon in Great Britain.
T. What was his father?
Pupils: His father John Shakespeare was a glovemaker, his mother Mary Arden was a farmer`s daughter
T. What do we know about his education?
Pupils: Shakespeare learned grammar, logic and Latin at the grammar school and had enough education to develop his literary skill.
T. When was he married?
Pupils: We know that when Shakespeare was 18, he married Anne Hathaway, a woman eight years older than himself.
T. How many children did W. Shakespeare have?
Pupils: He had three children. When he was 18 Susanna his first child was born and then twins: Hamnet and Judith followed in two years.
T. When did Shakespeare go to work to London?
Pupils: At the age of 22 Shakespeare left Stratford for London. He went there alone. We don t know exactly why he did it. Some people say that the reason was his love of poetry and theatre.
T. Did he act on the stage in London?
Pupils: He did and soon became an important member of the new Globe Theatre.
T. What Shakespeare plays do you know?
Pupils: Shakespeare wrote 37 plays: tragedies and comedies, such as "Much Ado About Nothing", "The Twelfth Night", "As you like it", "Romeo and Juliet", "Macbeth" and others.
Sightseeing about Stratford-upon-Avon.
T. Shakespeare spent a great part of his life in' Stratford - upon-Avon. Let`s watch the film about the sights of Stratford which are connected with the name of W.Shakespeare. While watching the film you should match the pictures and the text. (The pupils watch the film).
Shakespear`s plays. What famous plays of Shakespear do you know? Look at the presentation.
Now let’s talk about quotations from Shakespeare.
(На доске написаны крылатые выражения из Шекспировских пьес)
Т. Now look at these quotations from Shakespeare. Let`s read them:
1) "Brevity is the soul of wit" ("Hamlet").
2) "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit" ("Twelfth Night").
3) "To be or not to be: that is the question" ("Hamlet").
4) "What is done cannot be undone" ("Macbeth").
5) "All the worlds a stage and all the men and women were players".
T. Say how you understand them and in what situations you can use them. Work in small groups.
Sample answer:
"What is done cannot be undone"
Pupils: The little girl was helping her mother to wash dishes after dinner. Suddenly she dropped her mother s favourite cup and it broke to pieces. Her mother did not scold her. She said "What is done cannot be undone". But next time be more careful".
Shakespeare`s sonnets.
T. Shakespeare`s sonnets occupy a unique place in his literary legacy. There are three main characters in the sonnets: the Poet, his Friend and the Dark Lady. The poet expresses the warmest admiration to his friend and love for the Dark Lady.
T. Now let`s listen to the sonnets which you have learned beforehand.
(The pupils recite the sonnets they chose).
Do you know that people are going to mark 450 years since the birth of William Shakespeare in this year and many events are organized in Britain.
They are:
1.Shakespeare Week (17th to 23th March 2014) was held in schools, theatres, museums, cinemas across Britain.
2.The Victoria and Albert Museum organized exhibitions «Shakespeare: Our Greatest Living Playwright»
8th February to 28th September 2014). Here visitors can see the collection of books printed in 1623, costumes and photographs of performances.
3.Stratford-upon-Avon’s celebrations will take place on the 26th and the 27th of April 2014. Procession will start from Shakespeare’s house and finish with the laying of flowers on Shakespeare’s grave at Holy Trinity Church.
4.Visitors can enjoy a new production of play «Henry IV» in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from March 2014.
5.In Stratford-upon-Avon on Shakespeare’s actual birthday, April 23, there will be a firework at 10.30 pm.
6.A tragedy «Hamlet» will be shown in «The Globe» theatre on 23rd of April 2014.
7.In honour of 450th anniversary since Shakespare’s birthday «The Globe» will go for two years tour.
They will visit 205 countries and show the tragedy «Hamlet», because it is one of the best-known plays.
8.The marathon will start on the 23rd of April 2014. The will come to Moscow on the 13th and the14th of May and give performances in Mayakovsky’s Theatre.
9.The last city of marathon will be the Danish city Elsinore, known as the place, where actions of the tragedy took place.
T. Thank you very much. You have worked well today. Let`s remember what we have done at the lesson today. (Учащиеся подводят итог)
People remember Shakespeare and like to read his books and to see plays at the theatres.
Good - bye, my friends. Thank you for your lesson.

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