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Игра-соревнование на уроке английского языка, 6 класс

Игра-соревнование по английскому языку для учащихся 6 класса "Who knows the secrets of the English verb to be well?”
Данное внеклассное мероприятие в форме игры - соревнования по английскому языку может быть использовано учителями английского языка для организации интересного развивающего досуга учащихся 6 класса. Использованные элементы сказки, в которой главным волшебником является английский глагол to be, помогут учащимся с удовольствием и интересом провести время.
В игре – соревновании участвуют две команды учащихся, которых ждут два этапа.
I этап – путешествие в Страну волшебных загадок.
II этап – путешествие в Страну Грамматика.
Посещая эти сказочные страны и выполняя предложенные задания, учащиеся практикуются в использовании и употреблении английского глагола to be в различных временных формах.
Жюри, которое состоит из учащихся старших классов, подводит итоги игры – соревнования.
Победителей и всех участников ждут призы и волшебные подарки.
Цели: развитие интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка, развитие творческих способностей учащихся.
1.Образовательная: обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Английский глагол to be».
2.Развивающая: расширение лингвистического кругозора учащихся, развитие памяти, мышления, внимания.
3.Воспитательная: овладение умением работать в команде, воспитание дружеских отношений в команде, формирование потребностей у учащихся организовывать, планировать и участвовать во внеклассных мероприятиях по английскому языку.
Ход мероприятия.
Teacher: It`s very important to learn English Grammar. To be is the first verb which the school children should learn. The English verb to be is very useful, exiting and informative and it is a very important verb too. We can`t make up simple sentences without this verb. Let`s begin our game-competition. The best way to learn the verb to be is a fairy journey.
First we are ready to travel to the Land of magic riddles. The main wizard in this land is the verb to be with its main helpers am, is, are.
Dear pupils, guess the riddles. Be lucky!
1. I am purple, red and green
The King cannot reach me and
Neither can the Queen.
I show my colors after the rain
And only when the sun comes out again. (rainbow)
2. It is white. It is cold. You can ski on it. What is it? (snow)

3. I am cold, I am white, I am funny.
I live in winter. I don`t live in summer.
I have a head, eyes, a nose, arms.
But I am not a man. I am made of snow.
What am I? (snowman)

4. I`m something that is sticky
I`m something that is sweet
I`m made by more than one bee
I`m something that you eat. (honey)

5. I am a short stick,
I am soft,
I can be white or colored.
You can write with me on the blackboard. (chalk)

6. It is blue and green, and red,
It bounces higher than my head,
It doesn`t want to stop at all.
What is it? (ball)

7. I am round like an apple,
Flat as a chip,
I have eyes
But I can`t see one bit. (a button)
8. I am red and seeds
And I am also round.
Sliced up in salads is where I can be found. (tomato)

9. I grow in the dark,
But I come up white,
On a pizza or a salad
I am a delight
But beware their trick
If you eat the wrong kind
They can make you sick. (mushroom)

10. I serve by being devoured
Thin, I am quick
Fat, I am slow
Wind is my foe.(candle)
Teacher: Dear children, let`s continue our journey. The Grammar Land is waiting for us. Start doing grammar exercises with the verb to be in Present, Past and Future tenses. The best friends of the verb to be and its helpers (am, is, are) are personal pronouns I, he, she, it, we, you, they. The helpers and the personal pronouns are real friends.
Exercise 1. The verb to be. Insert appropriate present forms.
A: Hi, Helen. How (1) _________ you?
B: Hello Kate. I (2) _________ fine and how (3) _________ you doing?
A: I (4) _________doing fine.
B: How (5) _________ your brother? Where (6) _________he now?
A: He (7) _________ in London. He (8) _________learning English there.
B: Really? That (9) _________wonderful! How about your grandparents?
A; They (10) _________ fine too. They (11) _________ in Spain now.
B: (12) _________ you busy tonight?
A: Not really, why?
B: We (13) _________ having a party. Would you like to come?
A: I’d love to.
B: Then come to our place at 6:00 p.m.
Exercise 2. Write in is / isn’t, are / aren’t, am / ’m not.
1.I __________ strong.
2.My classmate ___________ friendly.
3.Our grandpa___________ clever
4.Her father ___________hardworking.
5.Your pets___________ funny.
6.We___________ lazy pupils.
Exercise 3. Write in is /are
1. How much ________ the shorts?
2. How much ________ these trousers?
3. How much ________ a pair of socks?
4. How much ________ this blouse?
5. How much ________ this jacket?
6. How much ________ the jeans?
Exercise 4. Write in was / were
1._________ Liza in the park?
2._________ Tommy lucky yesterday?
3._________ you in France?
4._________ your friends in the circus yesterday?
5._________ your sister at school yesterday?
6._________ you attentive yesterday?
Exercise 5. Write in was / were
1._______ your dad busy yesterday?
2._______ you thirsty yesterday morning?
3._______ it warm yesterday?
4._______ your aunt kind yesterday?
5._______ your dog funny yesterday?
Exercise 6. Write in was / were
The second day _______ Tuesday. The girls _______ at the stadium. Jane_______ the fastest runner! On Wednesday we _______ at the circus! The monkeys _______ funny! The fifth day _______ Friday. In the afternoon we _______ in the park.
Exercise 7. Insert appropriate present, past, future forms.
Present Simple
1.Willy _____ fifteen now.
2.«____ you German? «No, l _________.
3.His name _____ Alex.
4.«______ Olga a good friend?» «Yes, she _______».
5.__________ these women drivers?
6.«You_______ from Italy, _________ you?» «No, that______wrong».
7.There__________ a nice pond in the forest. Let’s go!
8.There ________no more exercises, _________there?
Past Simple
9.«When you ________ a small boy, _________ you happy?» «Yes, I ________. I ________ very happy.»
10.They (not) ________ ready for the lesson last Friday.
11.The days_________ cold and wet last October.
12.There ________25 pupils in our class last year.
Future Simple
13. She ________ 11 years old tomorrow.
14. I ________ back home at 3 o’clock.
15. We __________ at the theatre at that time.
16. He __________ here at 5 o’clock.
17. They ________ glad to see us.
Exercise 8. Insert appropriate forms.
Hello! Му name ________ Bill. I________ twelve. My friend’s name ________ Boris. He ________ twelve, too. We ________ from England. Last summer we ________ at the seaside. The weather ________ sunny. There________ many children on the beach. We had a fine time. I hope next summer it ________ sunny and warm, too. There________ a lot of wonderful days. I ______ in Russia last summer. Some day in future I ________ lucky to visit Moscow and my holidays ________ great.
1. The tigers ________ in danger.
2. There ________ only a few mountain gorillas in the world now.
3. It ________ the twenty-first today.
4. The day ________ frosty yesterday.
5. We________ at the end of Cliff Road when Nick fell down.
6. What ________ the weather like yesterday?
7. I hope your back________ better soon.
8. ________ you________ at school tomorrow?
9. _______ you in Moscow last year?
10. I ________ ill last week.
Teacher: Pupils, let`s sum up. Our fairy journey is over. We are all fond of magic, we are keen on wizards, we enjoy learning the English verb to be. I hope we have learned to do grammar exercises with the verb to be without mistakes.
Now the results of our game! The winners are ………. Your game is perfect. Our congratulations and magic presents.
Thank you, dear children!
1.are, 2.am, 3.are, 4.am, 5.is, 6.is, 7.is, 8.is, 9.is, 10.are, 11.are, 12.are, 13.are
Exercise 2
1.am, 2.is, 3.is, 4.is, 5.are, 6.are
Exercise 3
1.are, 2.are, 3.is, 4.is, 5.is, 6.are
Exercise 4
1.was, 2.was, 3.were, 4.were, 5.was, 6.were
Exercise 5
1.was, 2.were, 3.was, 4.was, 5.was
Exercise 6
1.was, 2.were, 3.was, 4.were, 5.were, 6.was, 7.were
Exercise 7
1.is, 2.are, amn`t, 3.is, 4.is, is, 5.are, 6.are, aren`t, is, 7.is, 8.are,are, 9.were, were, was, was, 10.weren`t, 11.were, 12.were, 13.will be, 14.will be, 15.will be, 16.will be, 17.will be
Exercise 8
A – 1.is, 2.am, 3.is, 4.is, 5.are, 6.were, 7.was, 8.were, 9.will be, 10.will be, 11.wasn`t, 12.will be, will be
B – 1.are, 2.are, 3.is, 4.was, 5.were, 6.was, 7.will be, 8.will be, 9.were, 10.was

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