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Урок английского языка в 10 классе с презентацией

Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoevsky – a great Russian writer

(1821- 1881)
Пояснительная записка:
В 10-м классе изучается тема:«Известные писатели». Даётся текст о Ф.М. Достоевском для ознакомления. Мне хотелось расширить знания учащихся об этом выдающемся писателе и более детально изучить текст. В тексте рассказывается о жизни писателя. С помощью разнообразных лексических упражнений я подвожу учащихся к пересказу, предварительно отработав на нескольких уроках лексику. Я уверена, что чем больше учащиеся выполняют речевых упражнений, тем лучше они запоминают содержание текста, опираясь на лексические единицы. Этот текст пополняет лексический запас учеников и даёт большие знания о жизни писателя. В разработке урока я использую презентацию о Достоевском на английском языке, решается кроссворд с использованными лексическими единицами из текста, проводится сюжетно – ролевая интересная игра: «Корреспонденты», где один человек представляется правнуком Ф. М. Достоевского.
Цель: формирование представления учащихся о великом писателе России - Ф.М. Достоевском;
продолжать учиться выполнять лексические упражнения по тексту;
готовиться к пересказу данного текста;
уметь отвечать на вопросы по тексту;
делать выводы о писателе;
уметь соотносить существительные и прилагательные по тексту.
Ход урока:
1. Вступительное слово учителя:
Dear students! There are many famous and talented writers in Russia. What writers can you name?

Soon you are going to study a novel “Crime and punishment”. Do you know who is the author of this book? Yes, it is Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoevsky.
So, what are we going to talk about today? What is the aim of our lesson?
2. Pupil’s answers.
3. Работа по тексту домашнего задания.
Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoevsky was born in Moscow in 1821. He was the son of retired military surgeon, who had a small estate, and was educated at home until the death of his mother in 1837. That same year, he and his brother, Mikhail, were sent to Military Engineering Academy in St. Petersburg by his somewhat stern and oppressive father. While Dostoevsky was still at military school his father died and there were rumours that he was assassinated by his serfs, but this was never proven. It means more likely that he died of a stroke.
Dostoevsky graduated from the Military Engineering Academy as an engineer, but knew that a career in the army wasn’t suitable for him. He wished to pursue his interest in literature. In 1844 thanks to a small income from his father’s estate, he was able to resign from the army and devote his energies to writing. His first novel, Poor Folk, was published in 1846 and soon followed by a second, The Double.
It was around this time that Dostoevsky started taking an active part in politics, and this would determine many things in his life over the coming years. He joined a group of utopian socialists called the Petrashevsky Circle that used to hold political meetings in the home of an accentric named Petrashevsky.
Unfortunately, the secret police had placed a spy in the group and on the evening of 23rd April, 1849, Dostoevsky was arrested along with some other men and sentenced to death. He wasn’t executed, but spent the next four years in a hard labour camp in Siberia with criminals who had been convicted of murder. In 1857, Dostoevsky married Maria Isaeva and later resigned from the army.

M. D. Isaeva.
Dostoevsky’s time in Siberia had a profound effect on him and he returned to St. Petersburg in 1859 a monarchist and a devout follower of the Russian Orthodox Church.
During the 1860s Dostoevsky would publish three works based in one way or another on his experience in Siberia, the most poignant being. The House of the Dead (1860), a fictional account of prison life. He tralelled to Europe and continued to write, but after the death of his wife and his brother he became obsessed with gambling and drinking. In 1864, he published one of his greatest works entitled Notes from the Underground which begins with the narrator’s words “I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man…”, and in which Dostoevsky satirises contemporary social and political views.
Dostoevsky married again in 1867 shortly after completing his masterpiece Crime and Punishment (1866). He then wrote a number of other interesting works such as The Idiot (1868- 69) and The Possessed (1872). He died in St. Petersburg on 9th February, 1881.
a) What do these words mean:
estate, stern, oppressive, career, small income, to take an active interest in, to join a group, the secret police, a spy, to be executed, criminals, murder, to resign from the army, a profound effect, a monarchist, gambling, narrator, views, masterpiece, crime, punishment.
b) Find the English equivalents of the Russian sentences:
1. В этом же году он и его брат Майкл были посланы в военную инженерную академию в Санкт – Петербурге их строгим отцом.
2. Достоевский закончил инженерную академию, но знал, что карьера в армии ему не подходит.
3. В 1844 году благодаря маленькому имению отца, он ушёл из армии и посвятил всю свою энергию литературе.
4. В это же самое время он стал интересоваться политикой.
5. Он вступил в кружок социалистов, который назывался «Петрашевским кружком».
6. 23 апреля 1849 года Достоевский был арестован.
7. Он не был казнён, но провёл 4 года в лагере с преступниками в Сибири, которые были осуждены за убийство.
8. В 1857 году он женился на Марии Исаевой.
9. В 1858 году он вернулся в Санкт- Петербург монархистом.
10. Он путешествовал по Европе и продолжал писать, но после смерти жены, он стал пить и пристрастился к азартным играм.
11. Он снова женился в 1867 году после издания своего шедевра «Преступление и наказание».
12. Достоевский умер в Санкт – Петербурге в 18881 году 9-го февраля.
c) Match pictures and sentences: (соотнести картинки и предложения)





He was lucky in his love. He met his woman very late, the last feeling was very valuable and nice;
b) – 1;
F. M. Dostoevsky was born in 1821, 11 nth of November in the family of a doctor;
He spent his summer months of 1862 and 1863 abroad;
d)- 4; In 1862 Dostoevsky was in hard labour; (каторга)
e)- 5; In 1881 on the 28th of January The writer said to his wife: “I know I will die today…”
d) Match nouns and adjectives:

e) Say if the sentences true or false:
Dostoevsky was a great Russian painter; (W)
he was born in a very rich family;(W)
he was a member of a group of utopian socialists; (R)
he spent difficult years in Siberia ; (R)
His first wife was Maria Usupova; (W)
He travelled much; (R)
His masterpiece is”Captain’s daughter” (w)
“Crime and Punishment” is his famous novel (R)
f) Read the text and for questions 1-6, choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.
1. Dostoevsky’s father used to be:
A - an army engineer;
B- a teacher’
C- a doctor’
D- a serf.
2. Dostoevsky financed his writing with:
A - his army income;
B - inheritance money;
C- rent from his property’
D- his estate agent salary.
3. In the 1840s Dostoevsky’s political views could be best described as:
A- ortodox;
B - monarchist;
C - eccentric;
D- idealist.
4. In the late 1850s his beliefs were mostly influenced by:
A- His experience in prison;
B- his experience in the army;
C- the Petrashevsky Circle;
D- criminals he had met.
5. His first wife’s death:
A - inspired his writing;
B- had a devastating effect on him;
C- made him a little sad;
D – became his obsession.
5. In notes the Ungerground, he:
A- Expresses his belief in contemporary values;
B- criticizes his obsession with gambling;
C- makes fun of contemporaries;
D- describes the society.
Correct answers:
1-C; 2-B; 3- D; 4-A; 5- B; 6- C.
f) Презентация о писателе на английском языке:

g) What have you learned about the writer from these slides?
h) Сюжетно –ролевая игра: «Корреспонденты»
Ход игры:
Идёт телепередача. Присутствует правнук Достоевского – Дмитрий Достоевский и корреспонденты московских газет.

Ведущая: Our TV program today is devoted to remembrances about our great Russian writer- Dostoevsky.
His grandson – Dmitry is our guest today. He will answer all questions about his great grandfather. Correspondents of different newspapers are present today. So, let’s start.
Correspondent: Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikita Chernov.

I am the correspondent of “Moscow news”.
My question is: “Was the life of a writer difficult? Why?”
I am the correspondent of “Moscow truth”. My question is: “What is your attitude towards his works? How do you appreciate them?”
j) Conclusions:
What do you think about Dostoevsky? Was he a great writer? What do you think about his life? Was it difficult? Why? Would you like to read his books?
j) Conclusions:
What do you think about Dostoevsky? Was he a great writer? What do you think about his life? Was it difficult? Why? Would you like to read his books?
Презентация на тему: Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский

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